18-17 Segment 1: Our Right to Privacy in the Social Media Age

When it comes to social media, who owns what information, and how do we assert the rights we do have? We talk to a professor of law about the legal issues associated with online profiles.

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Culture Crash 18-17: Netflix’s Battle Against Film Traditionalists

Netflix is becoming a bigger player in the film world, which is leaving a bad taste in some people’s mouths. We look at the arguments for and against Netflix as a film distributor.

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18-16 Segment 1: Adventures and Explorations

Being an explorer seems like a childhood fantasy, but it’s a real thing people do. We talk to two experts about explorers of the past and ways you can see the world through fresh eyes.

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18-16 Segment 2: Tips and Tricks for Cooking at Home

Chef Alison Roman joins the show to give advice on cooking at home to make sure you can eat deliciously even without spending a night out or losing track of your diet.

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Culture Crash 18-16: HBO’s Westworld

Westworld, the show that mystified audience when it stormed onto the scene in 2016, is back tonight. We discuss the show and take a look at the perils of reading fan theories online.