18-17 Segment 1: Our Right to Privacy in the Social Media Age

When it comes to social media, who owns what information, and how do we assert the rights we do have? We talk to a professor of law about the legal issues associated with online profiles.

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Culture Crash 18-17: Netflix’s Battle Against Film Traditionalists

Netflix is becoming a bigger player in the film world, which is leaving a bad taste in some people’s mouths. We look at the arguments for and against Netflix as a film distributor.

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18-16 Segment 1: Adventures and Explorations

Being an explorer seems like a childhood fantasy, but it’s a real thing people do. We talk to two experts about explorers of the past and ways you can see the world through fresh eyes.

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18-16 Segment 2: Tips and Tricks for Cooking at Home

Chef Alison Roman joins the show to give advice on cooking at home to make sure you can eat deliciously even without spending a night out or losing track of your diet.

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Culture Crash 18-16: HBO’s Westworld

Westworld, the show that mystified audience when it stormed onto the scene in 2016, is back tonight. We discuss the show and take a look at the perils of reading fan theories online.

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18-15 Segment 1: The Rise of Confrontational Politics

Politicians have always stirred up controversy, but no politician has ever done it as often, or as well as Donald Trump. We talk to two experts about the attraction to these politicians.

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18-15 Segment 2: The Overblown Importance of What College You Attend

When a high school student isn’t accepted into the college of their dreams, it can be devastating. But we look at whether college choice really matters as much as we may think.

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Culture Crash 18-15: Roger Ebert’s Legendary Criticism

Movie criticism these days typically boils down to numbers and general consensus. But when Roger Ebert was alive, he cultivated a following that considered his perspective above all else.

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18-14 Segment 1: A Peek Into the Minds of Real Life Con Men

Our guest discusses what con men are like in real life, some of the most famous cons from the past, and the techniques that make us all vulnerable to being swindled.

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18-14 Segment 2: Religious Strife and Refugees: The 1947 Partition of India

Author Veera Hiranandani tells the story of the 1947 partition of India in her novel, The Night Diary. She talks about the history of the partition and how that history is still relevant.

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Culture Crash 18-14: Concerts

Summer is getting closer, which means concerts are selling out across the country. We discuss the magic of live music and what makes it such a memorable night out.

18-13 Segment 1: A Spy in the Civil Rights Movement

Author Marc Perrusquia joins the show to tell the story of Ernest Withers, a Civil Rights photographer and a spy for the FBI, and helps us parse through what it all means.

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18-13 Segment 2: Practicing Kindness

Often, it can seem like bad news outweighs the good. But one expert says that connecting with ourselves and practicing kindness can make it all a lot more bearable.

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Culture Crash 18-13: Spoilers in Trailers

Movie trailers are more hyped than ever. Studios announce their release days in advance and fans pour over every screenshot and detail included in them… but what happens when some of the trailer turns out to be a spoiler?