17-39 Segment 2: Teaching Girls to Code: The mission to close the gender gap in tech

Reshma Saujani began an organization dedicated to teaching girls to code, and hopes to empower a new future of innovation.

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Culture Crash 17-39: The Future of Football in America

Football has been facing a head trauma crisis for years. Now, youth football enrollment and NFL TV ratings are both down. We explore the future of football in America.

17-38 Segment 1: The Voices in Our Heads

We dive into the science behind self-talk and how the voices in our head can be used in a productive manner to help us accomplish our goals.

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Culture Crash 17-38: NBC’s The Good Place and Serialized Comedy

Traditionally, a sitcom show is episodic: you don’t necessarily need to see every episode. But NBC’s The Good Place embraces a serialized structure, which gives it a unique feel.

17-37 Segment 1: Finding Happy

We explore the science behind happiness, how our brain achieves the elusive emotion, and how it all depends on who you are and where you are.

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Culture Crash 17-37: The Cinema of 2007

On the 10th anniversary of 2007, we take a look at some of the films from a decade ago that have proved to stand the test of time and make 2007 a year in film worth remembering.

17-36 Segment 1: Bobby Kennedy’s Legacy

Biographer Larry Tye and talks about Bobby Kennedy's personal side, how he helped his brother John become president, and how his legacy inspires liberals and conservatives to this day.

17-36 Segment 2: The Perils of Over-parenting

Two experts talk about over-parenting, the tendency to demand your child earn straight A’s, work to be a sports star, and find the time to work a part-time job and how to fix it.

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Culture Crash 17-36: Reading Non-Fiction

It’s often tempting to stay in the more comfortable waters of fiction novels, but non-fiction books have a lot to offer when we give them a try.