17-18 Segment 1: Jonathan Lethem on literature and his decades-long career

Jonathan Lethem's latest book is an inside look at his thoughts on literature, he talks to us about what inspires him, and how he feels about tough critics.

17-18 Segment 2: The ethics and impact of genetic screenings on children

Genetic screenings can help doctors catch issues early but they can also put a huge burden on families.

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Culture Crash 17-18: The Impact of “Hamilton: An American Musical”

Welcome to Culture Crash, a new segment where we examine literature, film and entertainment to explore issues and trends affecting the country.

17-17 Segment 2: The Adventure is Still Out There: Explorers past and present, explored

We talk to two experts about some notable explorers of the past and ways you can see the world through fresh eyes yourself.

17-16 Segment 1: The State of Education for Students with Autism

We discuss the current status of public schooling for autistic students and how the systems in place can be optimized to help students grow even more.

17-16 Segment 2: Casey Stengel’s Life in Baseball

Yankees historian Marty Appel talks about the life of Casey Stengel, who spent over 50 years in professional baseball and won 8 World Series titles

17-15 Segment 1: The Legal Side of Cohabitation

We talk to a family law attorney who has written extensively about cohabitation to find out how society and the courts view cohabitation relationships.

17-14 Segment 1: Climate Change: Causes, solutions, and its impact on our economy

Dr. Kerry Emanuel explains what makes scientists so certain greenhouse gasses are to blame for climate change and how the problem can be addressed in a way that creates jobs.

17-14 Segment 2: The Trouble with Teaching Reading: Why so many children struggle with literacy

America is facing a literacy problem. We talk to several experts who suggest that we may simply be teaching the skill incorrectly.