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16-35 Segment 1: Women Running for President

It might surprise you to know that hundreds of women have run for president. One of our guests introduces three prominent females who made progress in running for the White House.

little girl with expression of disgust against broccoli, isolated over white

16-35 Segment 2: Kids and Nutrition

We talk to a nutritionist and a chef about strategies and foods that parents can use to help their kids make better choices at mealtime and in between.

pregnant woman trying to choose a name for her baby

16-34 Segment 2: The Importance of Names

A lot of history and tradition can go into naming a child and our guest has researched how we pick names and why they are important.

16-33 Segment 1: Servitude and Salvation for Intellectually-Challenged Men

New York Times reporter Dan Barry discusses his latest book about a tragic situation in 1974 where mentally challenged men were pressed into servitude.

hand guns on a table at a gun show

16-32 Segment 1: Gun Violence and Gun Control

Two gun specialists talk about the history of guns in the U.S. and give suggestions on how to strengthen gun laws to promote safety and still guarantee American gun owners’ rights.

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16-32 Segment 2: Philanthropy: Finding a fit, making an impact

We talk to a philanthropy specialist about how to give wisely and make sure your money is used in the way you intend.