comedy tragedy. curtains with masks in the theater

16-31 Segment 1: Using tactical performance as protest

This week's guest, Larry Bogad is a performer, writer and educator who uses serious play and theater to help change people’s minds and change society for the better.

large stack of a variety of magazines

16-31 Segment 2: A veteran reporter talks about his life at Life magazine

Gerald Moore, was a reporter and editor for one of these publications and talks about what it was like to work there.

16-30 Segment 1: Financial Anxiety: What it is and how to alleviate it

A new survey shows that many Americans are suffering from “financial anxiety” and it’s affecting their health and happiness.

16-30 Segment 2: Measuring Animal Intelligence: How smart are they?

Our guest has studied animal intelligence and discusses how neuroscience and biology are coming up with new definitions of what it means to be an intelligent animal.

people skills

16-29 Segment 2: Getting What You Want From Others

We discuss how to engage the person you want something from, how to “mirror” their behavior and how to resolve conflicts and come to a mutual understanding.

shy woman and man sitting on sofa couch

16-28 Segment 1: The Power of Introverts

Our guest, an introvert herself, talks about just what an introvert is, and how they are actually very sociable in the right settings.

group of happy multiracial businesspeople looking at digital tablet

16-28 Segment 2: Men, Women and Equality

Our guests talk about issues of gender equality and offer suggestions for why they happen and how we can level the playing field for both women and men.

16-27 Segment 1: Making public discourse less toxic

James Hoggan, author of, I’m Right and You’re an Idiot, researched the topic of toxic public discourse and why it permeates our political and social communications these days.

16-27 Segment 2: Healthier Eating: It doesn’t have to be boring or bland

Authors Diane Morgan and Jessica Goldman talk about how to introduce more fish and healthy fats, less gluten and less salt into your meals without a lot of fuss.