Two children making science experiments. Education.

16-48 Segment 1: The Ick Factor: Teaching Kids Science

We talk to two experts who say children take to science readily if it’s presented in the right way by tapping into the “ick factor” that seems to fascinate them.

Donations Charity Volunteer Words Concept

16-48 Segment 2: Teaching Kids To Give Back

We talk to a mom and an author who together have created a children’s book and game designed to make giving back to others a fun pursuit.

Jimmy Stewart receiving a medal

16-47 Segment 1: Jimmy Stewart the Fighter Pilot

We delve into how Jimmy Stewart’s war service affected the actor and his choice of roles and acting style for the rest of his life.

popular new year resolutions - colorful sticky notes on a cork board

16-47 Segment 2: Advice for success in making resolutions

How are bad habits created and why? A behavioral specialist explains and gives us ways to help give resolutions some staying power.

16-46 Segment 1: Remembering the Activism of Tom Hayden

In 2004 we spoke with activist Tom Hayden, who passed away last month. His hopeful, yet controversial, thoughts on gangs and violence can still be beneficial.