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18-30 Segment 1: Serious Play: Using tactical performance as protest

We all love a good theater performance. But are theater and performance good strategies to affect social change? Our guest thinks so. He’s a performer, writer and educator who uses serious play and theater to help change people’s minds and change society for the better.

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18-30 Segment 2: The Power of Picture Books

Picture books can teach children valuable lessons that will stick with them for life. Our guests discuss the importance of producing books about social issues like race, gender, and disability. And how as a combination of text and images picture books have an advantage when it comes to depicting diversity.

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Culture Crash 18-30: The Life of Funnyman Robin Williams

A new documentary from HBO, Come Inside My Mind, explores the life of actor Robin Williams as told by his friends and family. The documentary is cleverly narrated by the actor himself using audio from earlier interviews.

18-29 Segment 1: The Italian Mothers Who Stood Up To The Mafia

Most of us have heard of the Cosa Nostra, but there’s another powerful mafia in Italy: the ‘Ndrangheta. We talk to an expert about this lesser-known mafia and the brave mothers who stood up to the crime organization.

18-29 Segment 2: Learning How To Identify and De-bunk Actual Fake News

Fake news’ has remained a headline mainstay for years now… but politicians seem to be skewing its meaning. We talk to two teachers about what is and isn’t fake news, and how they’re teaching students (and their parents!) how to see through the fiction.

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Culture Crash 18-29: Bo Burnham’s Brilliant New Film, Eighth Grade

Bo Burnham has followed in the footsteps of Jordan Peele and Greta Gerwig, transforming from a performer to the director of a terrific debut film. His movie, Eighth Grade is out now.

18-28 Segment 1: Appreciating the Introvert

When you’re at a party, you may notice how people are always drawn to the extroverts. But what about the introverts? We talk to experts about the qualities that make more introverted people great, too.

18-28 Segment 2: Breaking Down The Pesky English Language

The English language can be hard to spell since it often follows conflicting rules. We trace the origins of this tricky language, and explain how these difficulties came to be.

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Culture Crash 18-28: The Dark Knight 10 Years Later

Christopher Nolan’s landmark superhero epic, The Dark Knight was released a decade ago this week, but its effects on our culture are still being felt.

18-27 Segment 1: American Illiteracy

America is facing a literacy problem: according to surveys, fewer than 50% of American schoolchildren are highly proficient readers. We talk to several experts who suggest that we may simply be teaching the skill incorrectly.

18-27 Segment 2: Catholicism and the LGBT Community: One Priest’s Mission to ‘build a bridge’

For centuries, the Catholic Church and the LGBT community have been at odds. Now, the Rev. James Martin, a Jesuit priest, is trying to usher in a new era and welcome LGBT individuals to the church.

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Culture Crash 18-27: What to do when you don’t really like the book you’re reading

It’s a dilemma many of us face from time to time: Should you keep reading a book even if you don’t like it very much, or should you set it down?

18-26 Segment 1: American Detainment: Lessons to Learn From America’s Internment Camp Shame

It’s a topic that has been in the news lately: how our government detains groups of people. We look back at history to see what really happened in World War II Japanese internment camps, and how we can avoid similar shame now and in the future.

18-26 Segment 2: Maximizing Your Experience Traveling Internationally

Many of us have spent years dreaming of traveling the globe… but what should we do when we book the trip and are preparing to make the dream a reality? Journalist and author Andrew Solomon gives tips on how to get the most out of your trips, from embracing new cultures to establishing better connections.

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Culture Crash 18-26: Music in a streaming world

As apps like Spotify and Pandora have taken over, musicians have been forced to make their new albums into an “event.” We look at how they do that, and how streaming music impacts us as listeners.