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18-12 Segment 1: Racism In 2018

We talk to experts on sociology and racism about what racism looks like in our modern world and what we all can be doing to help make the world more tolerant and less racially biased.

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18-12 Segment 2: The Benefits of Music Education

Often during a budget crunch music education is the first thing to go yet there are many benefits learning music can have on our brains and child development.

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Culture Crash 18-12: Hype for The Crimes of Grindelwald and Jude Law as young Dumbledore

A new installment to JK Rowling’s Wizarding World is coming in November. With it comes a new portrayal of an old favorite. We look into the film’s teaser trailer and what to expect of our Jude Law’s take on Professor Dumbledore.

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18-11 Segment 1: Studying School Shootings and Gun Violence

Researcher Adam Pah says one thing missing from the gun reform debates are the essential data points that should be informing future policy decisions.

18-11 Segment 2: Spring 2018’s Biggest Books

Springtime is almost here, and with it come an onslaught on books. We talk to three authors about some of the biggest books of the year.

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Culture Crash 18-11: Adapting a Book into a Movie: Annihilation

The new sci-fi adventure movie, Annihilation, is based on a book but the adaptation is looser than what we typically expect.

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18-10 Segment 1: Education For Students With Autism

The right to an education is guaranteed to all students by federal law. But experts and parents are now wondering if we’re doing enough to help students with autism.

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18-10 Segment 2: The Spanish Flu of 1918

Author Susan Meissner discusses with us the Spanish Flu of 1918, how it interacted with World War I, the immense cost of the sickness, and how her novel explores the illness.

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Culture Crash 18-10: Hulu’s Big Push

For years, Netflix has been the top choice for TV streaming enthusiasts. But Hulu has slowly become a well-rounded service with original titles and a back-log of TV classics.

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18-09 Segment 1: Empowering Students To Be Leaders

We talk to experts about how teachers and schools are teaching young adults to think critically about important topics and take an active role in the ongoing debates.

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18-09 Segment 2: The Value of Grit

We talk to an expert about grit, the intangible "thing" that encompasses someone's passion and perseverance, and how it encourages a person to pursue their goals.

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Culture Crash 18-09: Oscar Sunday

Tonight is the big night: The Academy Awards. We run through five of the biggest contenders of the year and where you can watch them to prepare for the ceremony.