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18-08 Segment 1: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A Debilitating and Misunderstood Malady

David Adam, a reporter and author who has lived with OCD for almost 20 years, explains his disorder and clear up some common misconceptions about the debilitating disorder.

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18-08 Segment 2: Processing Unimaginable Grief

Grief is apart of the human experience, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Author Tom Malmquist talks about how we processed his grief through writing, and the hope he finds in raising his daughter.

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Culture Crash 18-08: Culture Crash: A Father and Son Duo’s New Creepy Ghost Story

Authors Richard and Billy Chizmar aren’t just partners, they’re family. Their new horror novella, Widow’s Point, tells the story of a haunted lighthouse. Despite its scary plot, the father and son say writing it was a blast.

18-07 Segment 1: The Graduate, 50 Years Later

Few movies become as iconic as Mike Nichols’s December 1967 classic, The Graduate. Now, 50 years later, we look at some of the elements that made the film so memorable.

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18-07 Segment 2: The Power of the Written Word

Scholar Martin Puchner takes us through the history of writing stories down, and how those written accounts have become so important to our understanding of the world.

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Culture Crash 18-07: The New Era of Science Fiction

There was a time when science fiction stories had to be a part of some established arc or it wouldn’t get made. Now the stand-alone sci-fi is thriving once again.

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18-06 Segment 1: Making Philosophy Relatable Through Humor

Authors Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein use humor to explain philosophical beliefs from deep thinkers, like Immanuel Kant and John Locke.

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18-06 Segment 2: Norwich, Vermont’s Olympic Formula

New York Times sportswriter Karen Crouse explains how the culture and parenting of Norwich, Vermont has helped the town to produce 11 Olympians since the '80s.

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Culture Crash 18-06: YouTube’s Logan Paul Problem

YouTube stars rack up huge followings and a lot of cash. But YouTube’s hottest star is in a lot of hot water over one of his videos. How should the internet regulate itself?

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18-05 Segment 1: Reworking a Classic

Author A.J. Finn talks about his book “The Woman in the Window,” which uses Alfred Hitchcock’s film "Rear Window" as inspiration to tell a story about the anxiety disorder agoraphobia.

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Culture Crash 18-05: TV Theme Songs

TV theme songs: they’re the soundtrack to our childhoods. But have you ever stopped to think about their evolution or how many of them you’ve grown fond of?