17-13 Segment 2: Bob Marley’s Legendary Life

It has been decades since Bob Marley’s death, but his music is still played and his face still shows up on tee shirts.

17-13 Segment 1: The Career and Politics of Charlton Heston

Charlton Heston was a soldier, a liberal, and a conservative in his 84 years. Biographer Marc Eliot discusses how Heston's politics impacted his career and legacy.

purple and white transgender symbol tile pattern

17-12 Segment 1: Raising a Transgender Child

We talk to the parent and the doctor of a transgender child to discover what science says about gender transitions and how one family navigated the issues associated with having a child you suddenly don’t fully understand.

17-12 Segment 2: Education in Somaliland

Jonathan Starr talks about his journey from Wall Street money manager to Somaliland school runner and how he and his school and changing lives where it matters most.

spy tipping his hat

17-11 Segment 1: What Goes Into a Spy Thriller Series

Author Mark Greaney talks about separating the true elements he learned from real US operatives from the fiction he imagines when writing.

17-11 Segment 2: A Fresh Look at the Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights may seem like they were simply added on to the end of the Constitution but civil liberty lawyer Burt Neuborne offers a different outlook on the document.

Sue Klebold J-K photography

17-10 Segment 1: Life in the Shadow of the Columbine High School Shooting

Sue Klebold talks about her story and the mental health messages she wants every American to know.

17-10 Segment 2: Teaching Your Kids About Money

All parents want their kids to succeed and live good lives, and part of accomplishing that is raising them to understand the value of a dollar.