18-25 Segment 1: Domestic Violence: How It Happens and How to Stop It

Domestic abuse is something many women and men will experience in their lives. We talk to two psychologists familiar with the subject about what victims can do to remove themselves from the abuse and how being a witness to or a victim of abuse affects the intimate relationship, children, and the family dynamic.

18-25 Segment 2: How Comedy Became King

Comedy is all around us: all over social media, in advertisements, even on church signs. Former Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings says that while it can be fun, it does come at a cost when jokes are made in arenas where they're inappropriate. We discuss the history and impact of jokes on our culture.

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Culture Crash 18-25: A new Spider-Man movie worth getting excited for

Spider-Man movies have been done and redone several times now, but a new animated movie about the web-slinger is coming out in December, and it will finally tell the story from a fresh perspective.

18-24 Segment 1: Creating Better Teams

Teamwork is seen as a premium in our culture. We believe that two is better than one. But entrepreneur and author Shane Snow says that we often don’t use our groups and teams to their fullest potential. He gives us the science behind why, and how we can improve our communities.

18-24 Segment 2: The Value of Our Public Libraries

Public libraries have existed for generations and have long been one of our most cherished community services. But with budget cuts has come a pinch on library staff and technology centers. Our guests discuss the value libraries still bring and why we should support these institutions of our citizenry.

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Culture Crash 18-24: What’s a comedy award to do when no books are funny?

The Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize is given annually to what a panel of judges deem to be the funniest book of the year. But this year, the judges hit a snag: they didn’t think any of them were funny.

18-23 Segment 1: Farming in Cities

Tending to crops is typically something that brings the rolling fields of rural America to mind. We talk to two experts about the growing trend of urban farming, and how cities have implemented programs that not only help feed their communities, but can also teach discipline and offer employment.

18-23 Segment 2: Weather: Past and Future

Most of us have been caught in a bad storm or seen some big hail. We talk to a weather expert and historian about some of the notable weather of the past and a look into the climate of the future.

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Culture Crash 18-23: 4 Books to Read This Summer

It’s summer, which is a great time to do some reading. We discuss four books that will keep you turning those pages all summer long.

18-22 Segment 1: Is Cursive Still Worth It?

With all of our technology and reliance on computers, many schools are phasing out some handwriting lessons. Specifically, schools have stopped teaching cursive. We talk to two experts about whether that’s a good idea.

18-22 Segment 2: The Fight for Paternity Leave

Bringing a new baby home is exciting... and chaotic. The last thing parents want to worry about is their work life. But for many dads, the stigma and financial burdens of trying to stay home means they have little time to bond at home. We talk to Josh Levs, a journalist who took the fight for paternity leave head-on.

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Culture Crash 18-22: Watching Film Classics in a Streaming World

Netflix and Amazon are go-tos for many Americans looking for a movie to watch. But how can people watch classics like The Maltese Falcon or Singin’ in the Rain in this new world?