18-34 Segment 2: Racial Segregation in ‘Sundown Towns’

We’ve all heard stories of segregated America circa the 1950’s, but historian and author James W. Loewen says not all of those racist institutions have been completely eliminated, even now. Loewen explains ‘sundown towns,’ towns where minorities were not welcomed after sundown, and he says some of them are still unofficially ‘sundown’ due to their lasting reputations.

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Coming Up on Viewpoints Show 18-32

In segment 1, we talk to a philanthropy specialist about how to ensure that when we donate to a cause our contribution makes the biggest impact possible.

Then in segment 2, we discuss the fear of public speaking and tips for overcoming it and delivering the best speech possible.

And in Culture Crash, one of this year’s gems at the cinema is in theaters now. It’s called Blindspotting, and it explores racial dynamics and gentrification in American cities.

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